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Q: What species of fish is best for the Banjo Minnow?

A: Every species of fish both SALT WATER and FRESH WATER react and attack the Banjo Minnow, especially predator fish like bass. The unique action of the Banjo minnow ,when fished properly, creates a wounded or dying bait fish motion that triggers fish to attack and get an easy meal. Fish are genetically programmed to feed when it requires them to expend the least amount of energy to get the biggest reward.

Q: What pound test line do I use?

A: 3-INCH MINNOW:  2-6-pound mono or equivalent thickness in the new thinner lines. You can use heavier line, but it restricts the distance you can cast.

4 1/2-INCH MINNOW:  2–8-pound mono or equivalent thickness in the new thinner lines. You can use heavier line, but it restricts the distance you can cast.

5 1/2 INCH MINNOW:  4–10-pound mono or equivalent thickness in the new thinner lines. You can use heavier line, but it restricts the distance you can cast.

Q: Why are the Green, Yellow, Black and Translucent Silver minnow colors the best variety for the kit?

A: Great Question! Fishermen from all over the world and our product testers have literally fished these four colors in every condition, water clarity in both fresh water and salt water in every season of the year. Time and time again they report that no matter the conditions, season, or species of fish these four colors catch a high majority of fish consistently. Make sure you use every color when you fish because you never know what the hot color is that day.  

Q: What size hook do I use?

A: In general, the #8 hook is used with the 3-inch Minnow. The #4 hook is used on the 4-inch Minnow and the #1 hook (or #4) is used on the 5-inch Minnow.

Each kit has the appropriately sized hook for each minnow size. However, some fishermen prefer to use even smaller size hooks. Banjo fishing tip: Adjust your drag so as not to straighten out the smaller hook when hooked into a larger fish. Big fish like a little minnow also! Refer to the “How to rig the Banjo Minnow” video on our YouTube page!

Q: Can I fish the Banjo Minnow in the weeds and heavy cover?

A:  Absolutely, simply attach the rubber weed guard at the eye of the hook and stretch over the barb of the hook.  The weed guard aligns perfectly onto the hook

creating a barrier that keeps weeds, cover, and even helps you from getting caught in the trees, shore, and docks. We know you want to cast into the tight spots

where the big ones are, so go ahead and don’t worry about snags. Sometimes you must get creative to pull out the lunkers. We got you!

Q: Can the Banjo frog also be weedless?

A: Heck yes, the same way you rig the Banjo Minnow to be weedless you do the same for the Banjo frog. When the cover is thick or there are lily pads in one of your favorite spots no worries, you can twitch and swim the frog trough the thick stuff or even jump the frog off the bank into the water where the big ones are waiting without a worry because weed guard on the hook has got you covered.

Q: How do I cover multiple depths with the Banjo Minnow?

A:  Because the Banjo Minnow is “neutrally buoyant”, which simply means it slowly sinks depending on how slow or fast you twitch and reel in your line. A fast retrieve will allow the Banjo Minnow to skip on the surface, a slower retrieve with a twitch as your reel in will allow the Banjo Minnow to dart and dive with random action for those big ones around the surface and a super slow retrieve gives the minnow time to sink into deeper water. Either depth or all retrieves you get the same random action that attracts fish to feed even when they are not hungry. HOOK UP! 

Q: How do I get updates on promotions and the latest catches using the Banjo Minnow?

A:  Make sure to follow us on our Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube Page (links at the bottom of this page). Remember to tag us on your catches when you post #BanjoMinnow.

There’s no better feeling than seeing big catches from all over the world using the Banjo Minnow. Your post could be the one everyone is talking about. 

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"Once the Banjo hits the water, be ready."

Wayne Hockmeyer

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